House Republicans have proposed an idea that might help narrow the US deficit.  The program that was brought to the table and the brain child of Congressman Eric Cantor is called “You Cut” and it is all about cutting down on spending.   This program involves American citizens and asking them to vote on bills that will spend taxpayers money, “Instead of Washington telling you how they will spend your money, YOU can tell THEM how to save it.” Cantor said.

What’s more about the “You Cut” program is that any citizen can add to the list by recommending an area on where the government can reduce its spending. All in all it sounds like a remarkable idea.  The program does not claim that it will be able to bring the deficit down to zero, none of that has been mentioned but the sole aim of it is to reduce spending as much as possible so as to contain the deficit rather than inflating it.

Currently the American government is facing a one and a half trillion dollar deficit which is not small by any measures and so to reduce spending is one way to bring it down but will the house unite on this program or not?”  Posted by US News on May 13, 2010.

Democrats have lashed back in response to this program by saying this is a “gimmick to make the public think Republicans are worried about their welfare”.  The democrats have also stated, “they will accept any budget modifications proposition with substance but will oppose partisan political stunts.”  That kind of response is typical of what we hear from both sides these days…it is all about politics.   But putting politics aside, this program is interesting and could be a step in the right direction.   I give Congressman Cantor credit  for coming up with a program that give the voters input into how they want to see their tax dollars spent. 

 The “You Cut” program was launched in mid May 2010.  How it works is each week, 5 programs will be presented to the public to vote on to either cutting it or don’t cut it.  Citizens can vote by phone, e-mail or internet.  The results of the voting for that week will be posted at the end of the week.  Then the cycle will continue with 5 more programs to vote on each week until the end of the year.  Also citizens can add his/her feedback and suggestions for other programs to consider for budget cuts. 

 Sounds like a good idea?  There are some questions I had like; How will the results be used and will they be acted upon?   These things are not spelled out on the website but I am taking the program for the content it was intended to do, give voters a say in how they want their tax dollars spent.  We all know there is a lot of waste in Government spending and there is a lot of room for cuts.  There are billions of dollars that can be saved if we just cut out unnecessary spending. 

 For the last couple of years more Americans are paying attention and trying to become informed on what is going on in our Government.  But, there is so much happening, too many distractions and too much political spin put on issues from both sides it is difficult to sort through it all.  There are many issues out there today that Americans are clearly split on but majority of Voters agree that our Government needs to “STOP THE SPENDING!”  Those that have been elected by the “people” need to start listening to the “people” and represent the best interest of their country not their political party or personal interest.  “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.   Americans need to get their “House” in order and take some control over spending by voting now and in November. 

 Check out “You Cut” at http://republicanwhip.house.gov/YouCut/  and cast your vote and give your feedback on how you want your tax dollars spent.   By Kathy Mills


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