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Letter to the editor… by Mike Holland

By now everyone should have received their flyer from John Olver, prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense of course.  This mailer tells us how great nationalized health care will be.  Isn’t that special?  Mr. Olver is spending even more … Continue reading

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House Republicans have proposed an idea that might help narrow the US deficit.  The program that was brought to the table and the brain child of Congressman Eric Cantor is called “You Cut” and it is all about cutting down on … Continue reading

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‘Obama’s Rules for Revolution’ by John Strang

            David Horowitz has performed another service for believers in the Republic by writing a booklet on the influence of Saul Alinsky on Barack Obama (Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: the Alinsky Model’ [David Horowitz Freedom Center, Sherman Oaks, California, … Continue reading

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